WebPOS for Android – IT revolution in the Retail industry

Kasia is a manager of a busy clothes shop, where there are always a lot of customers. There have been problems since noon. Barcode factor doesn’t work. The payment terminal returns a card read error.

Every minute the queue is getting longer and more dissatisfied. At some point, the nervous retailer leaves the checkout to the back of the shop. It’s a manager’s bad dream, or a bad life experience.

During a coffee break in the sports shop, on the other side of the passage, Kasia notices, that the work of her colleague, Krzysztof, looks completely different. It’s really busy in his shop, too. Customer service is efficient. Krzysztof has time to focus on customers and is happy to help them. With a single touch of the smartphon screen, the trainee brings a box of shoes from a backroom to measure. Next, he displays a video about the benefits of running shoes. Krzysztof looked at his phone from the corner of his eye without interrupting the conversation with the customer.

What is the difference between these two shops?

The sports shop uses the new range of mobile devices with Android system and webPOS software.

As consumers, we are used to the latest digital devices. Smartphones, tablets are at your fingertips. For stationary shops, however, this is a different story. Despite technological progress, getting used to old solutions and savings make the scenario that Kasia has experienced become real. We meet shops where multi-purpose devices are scattered around the checkout. Standalone payment terminals are still common, where the value of the payment is typed manually by the cashier. Such a situation often causes more damage than good. Usage costs are increasing, safety is reduced, and employee work is often interrupted. A tablet with webPOS software for Android system is a universal tool that can be used to replace multiple devices and systems in a shop.

The webPOS software can completely change daily operations, from orders and payments to staff and inventory management.

WebPOS will help to run the business tasks in a friendly and centralized way, providing many benefits to the shop. Older IT solutions are burdened by the syndrom of past technologies. They are often not compatible with each other. They become inefficient and are a burden for management and staff. By using Android as a platform, you can consolidate common shop business functions on a single device. The most common solution to check for product availability in a shop or chain of shops saves effort and time. The integration of webPOS with the payment terminal helps to eliminate potential errors in the recorded transaction values.

The pandemic experience has shown how important the offer of online commerce is. Web POS implementation brings you into a unified world of commerce. A physical shop is as accessible as an online shop. As a result, the shop offer will be delivered to the customer as expected. The payment accounting methods and delivery methods are set by the customer according to their own preferences. In everyday life, we use consciously or without realizing it a wide range of intelligent devices. The natural choice for business with a commercial profile is to meet today’s customer needs with devices that use advanced integrated

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